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Meet The Team

Photo of Head Coach
Ahmed Albayati
Co-Founder, Owner, Head Coach
Specializations: Weight loss, Power-Building, Competition Prep, MMA Strength & Conditioning
Photo of Personal Trainer Jessica Hoffman
Jessica Hoffman
Personal Trainer
Specializations: General Population, Competition Prep, Weight Loss, Strength Building, Nutrition Coaching 
Photo of Personal Trainer Fernando Beltran
Fernando Beltran
Personal Trainer
Specializations: Sport Performance Training
Photo of Personal Trainer Rebecca Frey
Rebecca Frey
Personal Trainer
Specializations: Beginner's, Post-Injury, General Fitness
Photo of Sports Performance Specialist Melissa Prieto
Melissa Prieto
Coach, Sports Performance Specialist, Head of Sports Science
Specializations: Sport Performance Training
Photo of Personal Trainer Jennifer Smith
Jennifer Smith
Personal Trainer
Specializations: Pre and Postnatal, Weight Loss, Strength Training, Marathon & Triathlon Training
Tony Ricci
Combat Sport Strength & Conditioning Coach, Sport Performance Scientist
Specializations: Sport Performance
Daniel Perez
Personal Trainer
Specializations: Bodybuilding, Collegiate Athletics
Photo of Reigistered Dietitan, Nutritionist Jackie Kaminski
Jackie Kaminski
Reigistered Dietitan, Nutritionist
Specializations: Weight-Cut Specialist, Nutrition
Photo of Weight-cut Specialist Shelley Murray
Shelley Murray
Strength & Conditioning Coach, Weight-Cut Specialist
Specializations: Performance Nutrition, Strength and Conditioning
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