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A Bit About Me


Rebecca Frey Symmetry Personal Trainer

NASM Personal Training Certification, Pain Free Performance Specialist Certification

Personal Trainer

Years as a Personal Trainer:

6 Years

Hours of Personal Training:

Over 10,000 Hours


Body Transformations, Strength Training, Pain Management, Beginners


Featured in Fort Lauderdale Magazine for Fitness


A Bit About Me

A Bit About Me

I'm Rebecca, a dedicated personal trainer with over six years of experience, passionately committed to revolutionizing fitness journeys. My approach seamlessly blends scientific expertise with an engaging style, centering on pain management, strength training, and body transformations. Holding certifications from NASM as a CPT and Pain-free Performance Specialist, I'm devoted to holistic fitness practices, guiding you through incremental steps to produce positive  lifestyle changes and equipping you with techniques that push you to unlock your fullest potential.


What excites me most in my profession is witnessing individuals undergo both mental and physical changes as they integrate exercise into their lives. I pride myself in building clients from the ground up, assisting everyone from novices to seasoned fitness enthusiasts in surpassing their physical boundaries. My personal transformation journey has fueled my desire to support others in realizing their physical and mental aspirations. Notably, my tailored approach to exercise has garnered recognition, earning me a feature in Fort Lauderdale Magazine—an esteemed honor.


With a wealth of experience training diverse clients across age groups and fitness levels, including those with prior back injuries. Committed to helping clients unlock their utmost potential, I craft personalized plans and offer unwavering support throughout the entire journey. Together, we'll design a program aligned with your preferences, ensuring consistency and continuous progress. My ultimate goal is to empower you to reach new heights, fostering a long, healthy life that you deserve.

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