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A Bit About Me

Jennifer Smith

Jennifer Smith Symmetry Personal Trainer

Certified Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer

Years as a Personal Trainer:

10 Years

Hours of Personal Training:

Over 15,000 Hours


Pre and Postnatal, Weight Loss, Strength Training, Marathon and Triathlon Training


Mother, Women's Physique Competitor, Triathlon and Marathon Athlete


A Bit About Me

A Bit About Me

My name is Jennifer Smith, born and raised in Ft. Lauderdale Florida. I am certified through NFPT, I went to FAU for exercise science and health promotion. Health and fitness has brought so much purpose and direction into my life since my youth. I’ve competed in fitness shows, women’s physique, triathlons, marathons, many half marathons and 5ks. I spent a few years doing CrossFit local competitions and obstacle races, alongside 18 years of yoga. Fitness and sobriety gave me direction and life skills which I am eternally grateful for. This built a passion in me to help improve the mental and physical health of others through fitness whilst building their confidence. I was a head trainer for the Dan Marino foundation working with autistic adults, I’ve also worked closely for many years training adults and adolescents in treatment centers through out south Florida.

I started working with pre and post natal clients back in 2016. I’m currently working with 4 pregnant clients which brings me to 22 total.

I became a mother myself in 2018 and take a very holistic approach with my clients, I’m a firm believer in eating whole healthy foods, focusing on changing daily habits and making fitness and health a  balanced lifestyle that’s attainable.

 In my programs I aspire to build a community , empower women and ultimately the focus is finding one’s confidence through the challenges and goals fitness brings to our lives.

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