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A Bit About Me


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Years as a Personal Trainer:

3 Years

Hours of Personal Training:

Over 2000 Hours


Sports Performance, Calisthenics (General),  Middle & Long Distance Running


Country Track & Field NCAA National Championship Competitor, Master's Thesis in Sport's Nutrition & Supplementation



A Bit About Me

A Bit About Me

Ian is a dynamic and dedicated coach whose journey in athletics began as a former collegiate cross country and track and field athlete. His deep-rooted passion for peak performance didn't end with his own athletic career; instead, he channeled this fervor into helping others achieve their personal and professional goals.

Ian thrives in the niche of developing "complete" athletes. He focuses on a comprehensive training regimen that includes mobility, movement, power, and strength training. This holistic approach ensures that athletes are well-rounded and prepared for the demands of their sports.

He has been fortunate enough to work with athletes at various levels, including collegiate and professional sports, specifically in football, basketball, and baseball. His ability to assess, program, and train these athletes speaks to his expertise and adaptability in the field of sports performance.

What truly ignites Ian's passion is the training and development of high-performing middle- and high-school athletes. He has worked across a range of sports, including football, soccer, track and field, basketball, boxing, and tennis. Ian is committed to equipping these young athletes with the necessary skills and tools to succeed, not only in their current competitions but also on their paths to collegiate and professional careers. His dedication to these young athletes' growth is a testament to his belief in nurturing the next generation of sports talent.

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