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For The Socially Motivated Who Desire Personal Attention

Begin Your Transformation with a 1 Week Free Trial

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Achieve Your Fitness Goals Together

  • Supportive, Motivational Group Environment Having People Bonded Together With Similar Ambition.

  • Group Rate Benefit With Personal Attention​​

  • Training Focused On: Body Recomposition, Fat Loss, Hypertrophy, Sports Performance

  • An Optional Tailored Nutrition Plan Designed By Our Registered Dieticians Considering Calories, Allergies, Food Preferences, And Daily Schedule.

Why Symmetry Fitness?

Founder is a former Olympic Athelete and is a visionary fitness enthusiast who has trained clients ranging from Olympic athletes, MMA fighters, SWAT teams, Soccer players to physique & bikini competitors.


7500 sq.ft. grand facility - One of the largest in Fort Lauderdale.

Experienced trainers certified in NSCA, CPT NSCA-CSCS, W.F.A., PN1 Nutrition C.P.S., Masters degree in exercise science, and more.

On-site registered dietitians to understand your nutrition queries, resolve them & who make a tailor-made nutrition plan for you.


We combine fitness and wellness with on-site physical therapy and chiropractic services to support your overall health journey.

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