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Meet The Team

About Us

Symmetry Fitness & Performance was founded by Ahmed Albayati, a dedicated fitness enthusiast, former Olympic athlete,

co-owner, and head coach. Ahmed's vision for Symmetry was not just to share his passion but to deliver tangible results. To achieve this goal, he prioritized client education, proper form instruction, and, crucially, addressing any past or current physical issues to ensure a pain-free future.

Co-owner Shaun Dubash is not just a business partner; he's also a personal training client of Ahmed. Witnessing his own remarkable transformation through Ahmed's guidance, Shaun recognized the potential of Symmetry Fitness and decided to invest in Ahmed's vision. With Shaun's support, our 7500-square-foot facility came to life, allowing us to offer a comprehensive fitness and wellness experience.

At Symmetry Fitness, our personalized training programs are firmly rooted in Ahmed's foundational principles, enhanced by the unique skills and expertise of each trainer on our team. Additionally, we provide a comprehensive wellness experience by offering on-site registered dieticians, physical therapy, and chiropractic services. Exclusive amenities like our Hot/Cold plunge and infrared sauna are available exclusively to our personal training clients, enhancing their recovery and performance.

For those seeking a more social fitness atmosphere, we offer group personal training that goes beyond the cookie-cutter approach. Our group members experience personalized attention, allowing them to progressively enhance their strength, improve body composition, and boost overall health.

Our client base is diverse, ranging from individuals seeking pain relief to elite athletes striving for peak performance. At Symmetry Fitness & Performance, there's a place for everyone, and we are committed to helping individuals achieve their unique fitness and wellness goals. Join us on the path to a healthier, pain-free future, and witness the transformative power of Symmetry Fitness.

Head Coach photo Ahmed Allbayati


Co-Founder, Owner, Head Coach

Ahmed was born in Iraq where he was a part of the Iraqi Junior Olympic Taekwondo team. Shortly after moving to the U.S. in 2009, he became a certified personal trainer. In 2015, Ahmed opened his own facility where he trains Olympic athletes, MMA fighters in UFC, PFL, and local leagues, tactical athletes (SWAT, Special Ops, Fire Fighters), professional athletes (NFL, NHL, Soccer), general population, high school athletes, and physique and bikini competitors.


Ahmed is a certified strength coach, certified tactical strength coach, certified nutritionist, weight loss specialist and a WNBF Pro Physique Athlete.

Co-founder photo Shaun Dubash


Co-Founder, Owner

Shaun is a fitness enthusiast who has been on a health journey since 2015. He started training with Ahmed in Dec 2021, and within a few months, he and Ahmed realized they had a similar vision to improve people's lives through fitness.   

Shaun has run multi-million dollar businesses through his 20+ year career in technology, the last of which was in education at Emeritus, and is partnering with Ahmed to grow Symmetry Fitness into a significant global fitness brand.

Symmetry Fitness is REVOLUTIONIZAING the Relationship Between the Personal Trainer and the Gym

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