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Signature PROGRAM

Best of Both Worlds: Your Training. Your Community.


We are now accepting new clients to register for the Symmetry Fitness Signature Program. Registration and the amount of clients accepted is limited, so don't wait - sign up now and start your journey to a healthier, happier YOU.

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One of our newest members, Kevin, said it best...


"I've always enjoyed working out alone because I could selfishly focus on my

workout, my goals, and my needs. Occasionally I'd jump into a group fitness class

to spice up the routine or meet new people. But now, at Symmetry I have found

the best of both worlds. It's my workout and my goals, but with a bunch of amazing

people and smart coaches!"


That's the goal. Your workouts. Your goals. Your YOU FACTOR.


But done with other Symmetry members chasing their goals, supporting each other, and thriving under the guidance of the coaches.


All clients receive the following:


  • Complimentary consultation and movement screen

  • Personalized 12-week training program for use in Training Sessions

  • Recommended recovery and supplement protocol

  • Access to Small Group Personal Training time slots (no more than 6 clients per session)

  • Special Pricing on Swag and other Symmetry services

  • Personalized coaching and feedback

  • Membership in a thriving, supportive community of like-minded individuals

One of our first members, Stephanie had this to say when we asked for her testimonial:


"Fernando sat down with me and took the time to develop my personal training program as though I were his personal client paying the premium rate and explained how it all worked. I booked my training days just like a client too. But WOW, once I was there I could feel this wasn't going to be an hour of chatting and exercise. This was training! Everyone was working hard on their own programs - jotting notes after every set. Fernando seemed to be everywhere minute he was singing and dancing and the next he was showing me how to squat a bit deeper without feeling it in my back! 10/10."


Your training. Your Coach. Your Community. Your Symmetry.


Our Signature Small-Group Personal Training offerings allow for clients to benefit from personalized training programs, customized recovery plans, and specific coaching from our staff while sharing the space with a thriving community of similar-minded peers.
Our community approach to training has allowed us to bridge the gap between 1-1 personal training and large format group fitness in a way that has helped hundreds of people get better results, build strong relationships, and become an important part of the Symmetry family. The environment is built to ensure everyone succeeds in their personal goals and aspirations while also celebrating each other's victories and holding the community accountable. Our coaches thrive too; a key part of any great fitness experience. 

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