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Meet the Symmetry Fitness Team
Dedicated to Helping you Achieve Weight Loss, Increase Strength and Improve Performance.

Ahmed Albayati

Founder, Owner, Head Coach

Ahmed was born in Iraq where he was a part of the Iraqi Junior Olympic Taekwondo team. Shortly after moving to the U.S. in 2009, he became a certified personal trainer. In 2015, Ahmed opened his own facility where he trains Olympic athletes, MMA fighters in UFC, PFL, and local leagues, tactical athletes (SWAT, Special Ops, Fire Fighters), professional athletes (NFL, NHL, Soccer), general population, high school athletes, and physique and bikini competitors.

Ahmed is a certified strength coach, certified tactical strength coach, certified nutritionist, weight loss specialist and a WNBF Pro Physique Athlete.


Shelley J. Murray, JD, CSCS

Coach, Weight-Cut Specialist

Shelley J. Murray is a certified strength and conditioning specialist who has been working with athletes at the amateur, professional and Olympic levels for more than 20 years. Her clients have included players in the NFL, NHL, pro Rugby, fighters in the UFC, One Championship, and PFL as well as multiple Olympians.


In 2014 Shelley expanded her focus to include performance nutrition and she now works alongside some of the world's most elite combat sport athletes handling in and out of camp diet coaching as well as fight week and weight cuts as a certified @lockhartandleith weight cut specialist.

Tony Ricci, Ed.D, MS, FISSN, CSCS, PES, CES, CNS

Combat Sport Strength & Conditioning Coach
Sport Performance Scientist

Tony Ricci is an Associate Professor in the Departments of Health and Human Performance, and Psychology and Neuroscience at Nova Southeastern University. For the past 35 years he has dedicated his energies and career to optimizing Human Performance. Tony holds Separate Master’s Degrees in Sport Science and Human Nutrition and a Doctorate in Sport Psychology. His research focus is on Sport Neuroscience, investigating Psycho Motor Development, Motor Imagery and Central and Peripheral Reaction Time. He holds certifications as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Board Certified Nutritionist, and Certified Mental Performance Consultant. He also serves on the Science Advisory Boards for the International Society of Sports Nutrition, National Academy of Sports Medicine and The Society for Neurosports.

Jessica Hoffman


Jessica's love for Fitness (and Food!) shines through her Coaching. She has been training since 2015 and since then has earned her Pro Card as Bikini Competitor in NGA and took home a Gold Medal in USA Powerlifting. Through bikini competition prep, Jessica discovered her desire to help others attain the physiques they could only dream of. Along with Personal Training, Jessica specializes in Nutrition Coaching where she designs customized nutrition programs for her clients, helps to come up with creative recipe and meal prep ideas, and educates her clients in every aspect of nutrition so they can maintain healthy, sustainable eating habits.


Melissa Prieto

Coach, Sports Performance Specialist,
Head of Sports Science

Melissa is a Sports Performance Specialist, holds a M.S in Exercise Science and Human performance and she is a S&C Coach CSCS.

She has coached different sports at a professional level, including MMA, soccer (MLS), and tennis, and has been part of brands such as Nike and EXOS Performance.

Melissa is currently the Head S&C Coach of professional MMA fighters from International promotions such as UFC, Combate Global, and Bellator.

Melissa has been featured in different combat sport and sports science podcasts both in English and Spanish , and is part of the International Oxygen Advantage International Master Instructors team.


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